Camino journal: Story #2; part #1

The peregrinos flitted from demo fxpro the albergue at Santa Croya like bats that fly by day–in twos and threes, or, in my case, ones. If the previous night’s albergue had been like peregrino church, this one was like a comfy hotel. It still had dorms and fxpro robot shared bathrooms, but it was clean and spacious with some […]

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Camino journal: two tales from the road

  Story #1: El carreta no es el Camino. No shit, Dude. I’d just staggered into the albergue in Tábara after almost 18 fxpro demo download hellish miles (28 km) on a busy, shoulderless road. I had decided to cut one stage off the Camino by taking a direct, diagonal route to Tábara rather than taking the square […]

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Camino journal: Semana Santa in Cáceres

  The peregrinos were in turmoil. Semana Santa was upon us and not a bed was to be had-not in the albergues in Cáceres, not in the hotels. Plans A and B were being executed and some folks were taking buses and taxis to nearby smaller towns to find a place to stay for the […]

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Camino journal: fine day and a fine albergue

  Monasterio was as good a spot as any for a rest day, I figured. I’d scored a private room for 10 Euro in this not-so-tiny town. Plus I have a few days to kill before I can arrive at my hotel in Merida for Semana Santa. Even at my snail’s pace, I have time. […]

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